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Goldfeder's Modern Election Law -- Fourth Edition

Goldfeder's Modern Election Law -- Fourth Edition

Soft Cover, 638 PAGES.

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   It is very gratifying that the first three editions of this book received such positive reviews in The New York Times, The New York Law Journal, The New York State Bar Journal, Ballot Access News and the Election Law Journal. More importantly, MODERN ELECTION LAW has been embraced by the bench and bar, and has increasingly been cited in lawyers’ briefs and courts’ decisions. (In a supreme irony, a court recently quoted the book at length — and held against my client!) Journalists have also routinely relied on it to figure out what the election law provides when, for example, public officials get convicted or resign; what the eligibility requirements are for our many city, state, county, town and village offices; how special elections work; and the intricacy of campaign finance and tax laws. Many candidates and political operatives have confided that they, too, keep a copy nearby to make sure they are following the law.
   I am very pleased that the book is being put to such good use.
   This Fourth Edition has been updated from the earlier versions, with up-to-date citations through mid-2016. There are also very detailed indexes to assist the reader in locating particular subjects, cases, articles, statutes or political personalities.

Topics covered include:

Also includes the NYS Board of Election Rules, and the NYS Election Law.

This New York Election Law treatise includes election forms and reports, tables of cases, statutes and other authorities. The New York State Board of Election Rules and Regulations and the updated consolidated NY Election Law as well.

JERRY H. GOLDFEDER is Special Counsel at Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, LLP, specializing in election and campaign finance law, government relations and public integrity defense.

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