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Rules of the City of New York

The Rules of the City of New York

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The Rules of the City of New York (RCNY) is a compilation of all of the rules and regulations enacted by New York City agencies and departments. Assembled from the 50+ agencies and departments, it contains the full text of the rules of the City of New York, as compiled by the Corporation Counsel pursuant to NYC Charter 1045 and is . . .

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Table of Contents

Volume 1
Title 1 Department of Buildings
Title 2 Board of Standards & Appeals
Volume 2
Title 3 Fire Department
Volume 3
Title 6 Department of Consumer Affairs
Volume 4
Title 9 Procurement Policy Board Rules
Title 12 Franchise & Concession Review Committee
Title 15 Department of Environmental Protection
Volume 5
Title 15 Department of Environmental Protection (cont.)
Title 16 Department of Sanitation
Title 17 Business Integrity Commission
Volume 6
Title 19 Department of Finance
Volume 7
Title 19 Department of Finance (cont.)
Title 20 Tax Appeals Tribunal
Title 21 Tax Commission
Title 22 Banking Commission
Volume 8
Title 24 Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
NYC Health Code-Definitions and General Pro-
visions, Control of Disease, maternal, Infant, Child and
School Health Services, Environmental Sanitation
Volume 9
NYC Health Code - Environmental Sanitation (cont.), Vital
Statistics - includes Article 175
Title 25 Department of Mental Health and Retardation
Volume 10
Title 28 Department of Housing Preservation and Development
Title 29 Loft Board
Title 30 Rent Guidelines Board
Title 31 Mayors Office of Homelessness and Single Room Occupancy
Volume 11
Title 34 Department of Transportation
Title 35 Taxi and Limousine Commission
Volume 12
Title 38 Police Department
Title 38A Civil Complaint Review Board
Title 39 Department of Correction
Title 40 Board of Correction
Title 41 Department of Juvenile Justice
Title 42 Department of Probation
Title 43 Mayor
Title 44 Comptroller
Title 45 Borough Presidents
Title 46 Law Department
Title 47 Commission on Human Rights
Volume 13
Title 48 Office of Administrative Trials & Hearings
Title 49 Dept of Records & Information Services
Title 50 Community Assistance Unit
Title 51 City Clerk
Title 52 Campaign Finance Board
Title 53 Conflicts of Interest Board
Title 55 Dept of Citywide Administrative Services
Title 56 Department of Parks & Recreation
Title 57 Art Commission
Title 58 Department of Cultural Affairs
Volume 14
Title 60 Civil Service Commission
Title 61 Office of Collective Barganing
Title 62 City Planning
Title 63 Landmarks Preservation Commission
Title 66 Department of Business Services
Title 67 Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Title 68 Human Resources Administration
Title 69 Department of Aging
Title 70 In Rem Foreclosure Release Board
Title 71 Voter Assistance Commission
Volume 15
Master Index


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New York City Charter, Administrative Code & Rules of the City of New York
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The Rules of the City of New York
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