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  • autoBOOK 2016 Codes of New York State

    The 2016 autoBOOK Codes of New York integrates the recently adopted 2015 International Codes with the 2016 New York State Uniform Code Supplement, eliminating the need to constantly refer to multiple volumes. Marginal "NY" notations indicate the changes to the International Code that are specific to New York State.

    System Requirements:

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    Now available from New York Legal Publishing Corp the autoBOOK 2016 Codes of New York State contains the 9 new Building related Codes of New York with additional value added material:

    • 2015 Building Code of New York State
    • 2015 Existing Building Code of New York State
    • 2015 Residential Code of New York State
    • 2015 Energy Conservation Code of New York State
    • 2015 Property Maintenance Code of New York State
    • 2015 Fire Code of New York State
    • 2015 Plumbing Code of New York State
    • 2015 Mechanical Code of New York State
    • 2015 Fuel Gas Code of New York State
    • NYS Uniform Fire Prevention & Building Code Act
    • State Energy Conservation Construction Code Act
    • Selected Reference Standards
    • More Restrictive Local Standards
    • Manufactured Housing Information Bulletins

    For information about the New York City Building Codes see Building CodeSearch

    For a graphical demonstration of features and functions click here.

    NOTE: The product data is encrypted and cannot be accessed without a license key, which also determines the operating parameters of the software.


    2016 autoBOOK Codes of New York State pricing:

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    First Year Single User Annual License: $435
    Subsequent Single User Annual License Renewal: $250/year

    Network Multi-User

    First Year 2, 3 User Network Annual License: $885
    Network License over 3 users $75.00 per user over 3
    Subsequent Network Annual License Renewal: $460/year + $75.00/user>3/year

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    and then a second email with the required serial number for registration.
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    Installs to a new directory, and will not overwrite the 2010 Code

    Instructions (new installations) open in your browser or Adobe Acrobat. Save or print.

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