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 New York Legal Publishing Corp has developed a new online product available to New York City Charter, Administrative Code & Rules subscribers -
the NYLP Cumulative Unconsolidated Laws Database.
 Local Laws passed by the Council contain both consolidated and unconsolidated sections. Consolidated sections directly amend the NYC Charter or the NYC Administrative Code. Unconsolidated sections are not codified in the NYC Charter or NYC Administrative Code but nevertheless carry the force of law.
 Typical examples are legislative findings and separability clauses. Effective dates are unconsolidated but are part of every local law. Naming streets, parks, intersections, bridges and various other structures and lanes are done through unconsolidated local law. Unconsolidated local laws can be amended, repealed or time specific so the database is cumulative with up-to-date text or language stricken together with Historical Notes and also includes an subject index. They may be adopted as stand alone laws or specific sections of larger local laws.

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